Hi Support,

I would like help on evaluation of 1513 S XXXXXXX Way, Washington, UT 84780. Utah is a non

disclosure state. I am thinking of offering 140. What do you think? Should I be asking the realtors for





Hello ET,

CMAs are fine but WE are glad to help with the offer price on this project. After reviewing the

InvestorCompsOnline report we could see the transactions appear some what slow. Recent sales

come back as March 2011 with one nearly next door at 1436 S XXXXXXX Way. The Mortgage

principal balance is $233k indicating a solid sales price. However, with need for additional info

regarding condition, making a suggestion beyond your $140k as an offer is difficult.

Remember, you don't want to offer more than $0.82 on the dollar from list price which is $147.6k.

Based on how much it might take to make the house market ready, paint, floors, landscaping, etc.,

these cost must be deducted from your offer.

See the attachments we used to review the project. In the future, this is the same data we would

need you to provide us for a truly do a quick turn around.


To your Success!!!

Support @ ICO

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