Q. Seller said the house value is 375k seller is looking for 330k. mortgage balance 280k. house is 4500 sq. and 1500 is principle interest.

What should I offer?

How many ways can I offer...please give explanation with each.

Offer 1 - subject to the 280 loan. Take over his payments.
Offer 2 - subject to 280 loan and 50K cash. I do not like to pay any cash if I do not have to.
Offer 3 - subject to 280 loan and anything less than 50K cash. 10K, 15K, etc..
Offer 4 - subject to 280 loan and 50 K cash when you sell the property.
Offer 5 - subject to 280 loan and 50 K in payments.
Offer 6 - subject to 280 loan plus a combo of offer 4 & 5.
Offer 7 - all cash offer of 65% of value.

I am sure there are others but those are the most I can think of now.

I like number 1 best.

Good job on finding this deal.