Q. Lou's material and CFL has been very valuable for me (thanks Tim). I'm ready to buy more than 1 house at a time. I only have enough money on hand to buy one house at a time cash before I refinance and get it back. What is the best way to buy multiple houses that require cash and then

refin to get my $ back? I'm a street-smart student with all Lou's material and a gold member. I have 3 houses for collateral and exceptional credit. I'm wondering if it is possible to apply for a temporary "easy money" loan in order to buy more houses?

A. You are in the right place to learn creative techniques to buy multiple properties.

Subject to the existing loan is the best way to buy multiple properties. You can buy an unlimited number of properties if you buy properties while keeping the existing loan in place.

Another method is to use private money from individuals or hard money lenders. I like using finding private individuals that will invest with you.

Keep talking to motivated sellers and you will be able to buy properties using many different strategies.