Q. In a recent call, Lou said that once we learned the "magic words", it would be easy to get sellers to sell subject to or by AFD....and that buying on a lease option would not be necessary.

Would you please let me know the script or phrases or explanations Lou uses?

A. We could write a book on this question Tony. Great question just many different answers based on personality style of buyer, personality style of seller and what part of the country you live in - NYC magic words are different than Sparta, GA words.

I will mention a few phrases but please call in on the next Gold call in day with your recorder ready. We can walk through a few examples during your 15 minute call and you can record it so that you can adapt for your style.

Lou, Matt and I all have different magic words or phrases but here are a few of mine:

1. Always attempt to build a good rapport.

2. I am never the decision maker. I work for the financial people.

3. I make my lowball cash offer first - 65% of ARV.

4. I then say that we may be able to get creative by purchasing their home for at or near the existing

loan balance but we will most likely need to keep the existing loan in place.

5. I say that I am not sure my financial people will want to do this, but I can check.

6. I ask them if they would be open to exploring that option.

7. If they say yes, I get them to fax me the most recent mortgage statement and an appraisal if they have one.

8. I call them back in 24-48 hours to let them know if we can pursue this option or not.