Q. I have a person that wasted a lot of my time during the week, negotiated the reservation fee to ½ ($500) then decided to not sign the lease after I prepped the papers and met with her. According to Lou's rental receipt agreement that person is not entitled to any refund. I told her that I

would have to check with the "investors" and see what I could do. Two days later I told her that she may not get all if any of her deposit money back because 1) in the written agreement 2) my money was wasted waiting on her to sign the lease. 3) Others that were interested in the property were turned away 4) I had to spend more money to re-advertise the property. Since then she has called me threatening to sue me, arrest me, call my job, tell me "My lawyer is giving you one more chance (right)". She made a comment that seemed threatening to my family.

At this point I'm not returning any of her calls, but keeping the messages. I told her I would understand of she took me to small claims court.

What should I do to stop these phone calls (besides pay her)?

What is the worst she can do (legally) to me?

The time and money wasted with this person is a fact and I think she deserves little to nothing back. What is the 'color of law' and/ or advice of how you would settling this conflict?

A. If she signed the Street Smart application, it clearly says that the earnest money/reservation fee is non-refundable. She can try to take you to small claims court but she will look silly if she signed the applications.

You should not have given her any phone numbers that she can call. Only use phones and numbers that people can not track you down in the future. If she continues threatening you can tell her that you will get a restraining order to have her stop contacting you. Do not answer the phone when she calls and do not return her calls.