Q. I have been using direct mail for a few months now and I do get a pretty good response rate for the amount I mail out. The only thing is none of them are motivated, and all want cash the conventional way no matter how gentle I approach them. I've just been using a shotgun method sending letters to homeowners in my area and out of state owners whose information I find at my county online tax rolls. How do I find lists of bankruptcies, divorces and other situations that might make people motivated, so I can use a more rifled approach with my mail marketing?

A. Continue sending the letters you are sending but you may want to add a few groups. I like the out of state owners that you are already sending to - those get good results.

People in foreclosure are usually the most motivated. Call your local newspapers to find out if they are the paper in your area that advertises the Legal Notices. Foreclosures and many other legal items are posted in the Legal Notices on a regular basis. Some parts of the country have services

that sell these lists in a more user friendly format.

Foreclosures, bankruptcies and legal divorce proceedings are all filed on public record. Check with your county courthouse to see if the information is easily accessible. You can also access court records all over the at www.pacer.psc.uscourts.gov. You will need to register and there are fees associated.