Q. Currently I have a dedicated phone number that I use for marketing so I always know that when the phone rings it is either someone wanting to sell or buy a house. My experience is that people like dealing with me because of my personality. My fear is that if these people are directed to a live operator system that these people might just hang up, not giving the call back number. Seems I have had experiences where these people call, for example in a foreclosure, during a five minute "head clearing" moment when they decide to attempt to try and solve their problem. But I have

found this to be a short time-frame with some sellers.

A. We have found that phone answering systems or services is the most efficient way of delegating tasks to free up your time. If your marketing machine is really humming, you will never be able to answer all the calls and maintain your sanity anyway. I love talking to the buyers and sellers, but we have been using a service to take all calls for two years and it has worked very well and our volume has only gone up.