Q. Have had an I Buy Houses ad in the local newspaper and there are now 10 others in a market size of 250,000. The phone used to ring a lot more and we have 1 person with a billboard and recently Homeinvestors has arrived. We have been doing 8-10 flips or rental purchases per year and it is

getting harder and we seem to be stuck at this level. We would like to go after some larger apt houses and continue flipping and lease optioning. Any ideas how to make the phone ring and get us off this hump?

A. Sometimes you have to pour gas on a fire to make it explode and start burning hot again. Marketing is the gas for our business.

Without knowing much about your particular market, here are some marketing ideas that you should consider:

Yellow page ads, column ads in your paper, penny saver ads, billboards, radio, farm neighborhoods with flyers and direct mail, knock on doors, preforeclosure marketing, letters to out of state owners, market to burned out landlords, BK list marketing, expired MLS listings, REO properties, bandit signs, websites - personal and national, and network with some local realtors.