We were in the process of developing our website and 800 Number systems so that we can improve our lead generation and screening. We were curious....

1) How did you obtain your 800 number and what is the cost structure for yours? I just got an 800 number from AT&T and I forward it to the local number that I use.

2) What is the cost for your live, 24-Hour answering service, and who is it thru? CBSI in Atlanta and the cost is about $100 per month

3) What specific questions do you have your answering service folks ask in order to "pre-screen" your leads? Does your answering service ask ALL of your pertinent questions, or do you make follow up calls to get some of the add\'l info.? Most of the questions are asked. Feel free to call our number at 770-860-9941 to test.

We know it is probably pretty similar to Lou's questionnaire, but we recall you saying that you had slightly modified yours and that it had proven to be very successful. If so, could we obtain a copy of what you use? The answering service has a copy - I do not. If you choose to use them you can save some setup costs by using similar questions.