Q. I have been listening to the calls and coaching CDs, and I am struggling to come up with a coherent marketing strategy. I have not generated any good deals yet. I've been thinking of ways to "rev up my marketing machine." This is my current plan, with five components:

1. Set up a website

2. Hang up bandit signs on telephone poles

3. Place "We Buy Houses" sign on my car

4. Place folded business cards on cars in Target, Walmart parking lot

5. Place display ad intermittently in local paper (my classified ad garnered NO responses)

I have three questions:

1. Does this sound like an effective plan?

2. Are there any more powerful marketing strategies that I NEED to include in my plan?

3. Is it effective when starting out to market to a broad population like I am, or should I be focusing more on a niche market (like foreclosure/pre-foreclosure)?

A. It sounds like you are beginning to put together a plan that can generate a consistent level of motivate sellers for your business.

When we started our business, there were three basic things that we did do kickstart our marketing:

1. Purchase your exclusive territory/county from a national lead generation website ( we like www.IBuyHouses.biz – click on RE Investors section)
2. Run ads in your local paper - IBuyHouses.Biz, Fast Close, 866-IBuyBiz
3. Get 100 signs and scatter them in your area - they are the same as your ad

You can add many marketing steps on top of these basic steps - flyers, letters, yellow page ads and many more, but this will give you a great concise plan to get started.

Matt and I are working on a comprehensive marketing plan that we expect to be able to make available to the coaching members in the next 30-60 days. We will keep you posted. At least get started with the steps above and you will begin to see some momentum.