Q. How do you present the 'cost to sell worksheet' when dealing with an out of area seller - so no face to face meeting?

This seems much more fuzzy to do verbally without the visual impact of all the numbers and math right there in front of you. Do you complete it to the best of your ability and then send or fax to them?

What has been your experience?

A. I do all of my negotiating over the phone. I will usually not cover the specific details of the Cost to Sell worksheet. I will only hit the high points.

I will ask if they have really run the numbers to see how much they are going to make when the dust settles. They usually say they have not. I will then verbally walk through a few things they have not thought of over the phone to get them thinking and questioning how much money they will really

make on the sell. That is usually enough and I can then begin discussing my offers.