Hey Mark

I'm in a situation, where the Bank finally agreed to the price, I have about 2days left for an inspection period, and need to close by the 21st of the month, The Bank is saying that I should have had a inspection while we were negotiating, after Tuesday I am at the point of no return, what do

you think, or do you think that i should take it to the end, the 21 is only nine days away, I know this house is every bit worth it, 47900 listed ,contracted price is 35,000, selling for 45,000, I certainly would like to make my first REO Deal, if you know a buyer in the area. Tell me what you think, your respected Student .

Hey B,

I think you found a good deal, I also think you made a good offer. This market is ripe for a owner occupied buyer. See if the agent can give you more details on condition by going by and taking some pictures for you. They do have an interest in you closing.

I would drop you price some and make the deal more bare bones. Use your social media to attract a buyer while you work the local market via phone and email. There is a company who supports first time home buyers in Ellenwood as well. Let me look up the company and ht you back.

I will do a FB post for you as well. You sir will have to make a final decision on the deal given the limited time frame.


To your Success!!!

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