1. Should I mail 'Demand for Payment Notice' today? Yes

2. Can I evict without a signed lease? Yes

3. Should I drive (1 hr one way) to house and try to locate tenant and offer to pay him few hundred $

to leave? Maybe

4. What do you recommend?

It sounds as if you have let this one go too long without letting the tenant know that you are in charge.

Please review the Steps for a Dispossessory document from our Downloads section.

We usually have our lease payments due on the 25th. We send Demand Notices on or around the 27th. We start the legal dispo process on or around the 1st-5th of the month. We can always stop the process but at least we have it started and the tenant knows we mean business. Your tenant does not think you will do anything because you have threatened him without following through. Let the sheriff show up at his door and that will usually let him know you are serious.