I'm running ads and getting ready to show a house on Saturday to a bunch of people to sell straight out (I need the cash from the equity). What are some of the forms that I should have at the property in case the buyer wants to sign right there? Any help in staging the house?!

In staging the home, make sure that everything is clean and smells good. Plug in air fresheners or light a few candles. Not too many candles or people will think you are covering up something. I have known people to bake some cookies in the oven right before they have an open house. The house smells nice and homey and you can put the cookies on a plate for them to eat while they look at the house.

A few plants placed around the house also look nice. Rugs in the bathroom. You do not want to move furniture into the house, but houses always show better with nice furniture and decorations as opposed to sitting empty.

If you are selling to a retail seller, all you need is a purchase and sell agreement. Make sure they have their checkbook and have them write a big earnest money check. You may also have some 1003 forms. These are the loan application form that all mortgage companies use. You can get one

from you mortgage person.