Q. I am personalizing my buying website from Infusion. What are your thoughts as far as how much information the potential seller will fill out to be able to get their free reports?

Currently, the website has the potential seller filling out their name, email, telephone number, and address.

By having them fill out all this information, might it deter them from going forward? What if I just had them fill out just their name and e-mail?

A. I like getting as much info as possible because I know I have someone to work with. I know I may lose a few people but that is OK with me. The more you get from them then the more you can do with them - call, mail etc..

For many years we have used a site that has a buyer questionnaire that doesn't even give a free report. It just asks the potential buyer a bunch of info including how much money that have to put down, how much can they pay per month, and what is their credit like plus what they are looking for

in a house. We have multiple people per day leaving all of this info. I can then pick up the phone and talk to them about a specific property or mail them or whatever.

Go ahead and get as much info as you can.