Hi Support,

Found this property in a unique area. What are your thoughts?

Hey John,

This dwelling appears to be out on an island by itself. this could be a good thing or....in the Google Map image I see within 700 yards of the dwelling a Landfill, Baseball Fields and a Chicken Farm. Uhm?!

I have attached the Tax Record for your review. The SF is good at just over 1700 and the Redfin images are nice. Home doesn't need much, but who is your buyer?

IN all the numbers are good, I would however encourage you to dig a little into the buyers in the market area. Speak with an agent or two and get a feel for how many months of inventory is around the subject. Do also note your first two comps on the ICO report. The seller (a building) was foreclosed on.

Again, good numbers, but when you get it, what can you do with it?
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