This person is in foreclosure and I'm trying to get a discount from Wells Fargo. I'm not sure what percentage to use to make my offer. I used 65% minus repairs 23,750, and offered 67,380. Is this a reasonable offer to get this house. I want to assign it to a rehabber. I'm new and not sure what I'm doing yet, especially with short sales. I don't know what percentage to use.



Sorry Joan, we weren't able to pull and download your attachment. However, we recommend you always start your offer @ 58% of ARV. Re-calculate and be certain to review the market area comps for other REO comps. You can best determine this my looking the Seller info on the comps. Note if the Seller is a Lender. i.e., Wells Fargo, Dueushe Bank, Countrywide, etc.

We will gladly review the deal further if you reply with the address.

To Your Success!