I am new to your website. I am thinking about buying a property in Capitol View, specifically 1391 Allene Ave. I am interested in knowing what the crime statistics are for that particular area. My goal would be to live in it while I fix it up... And I think it needs about $25,000 of repair. Purchase price - $70K.

What kinds of analysis do you folks do?

I've heard to stay out of 30310 completely. But this house is cute and I'd be willing to live in it for a while.

That's it! I hope you have a nice weekend!

- Maryann

Hello Maryann,

Great question and even a better idea. Your acquistion point is good and the cost of repairs should leave you with conservatively 95k in profit. Stay 2 yrs and you'll pay no capital gains taxes.

Reviewing the available data for 911 calls from the immediate neighbor, the numbers indicate percentages well below average for metro Atlanta or other parts of 30310.

Good luck!!
To your Success!!!
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