How can I go about gathering comps based upon various property characteristics, e.g., BR, BA, sq ft, yr built, etc. - verses just by the property address?

My objective here is to estimate the ARV of a certain property - meaning that - since I would be increasing the number of BR/BA's, the square footage and perhaps even the year built of the property, the existing property characteristics of the AS-IS do not apply.

Please advise.

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You want to locate comparable that will be comparable in square footage and Bedroom and bathroom count after your renovations. For example if the house is 1600SF now and you plan on adding 1000SF; you need comparables that are 2600 SF. In other words; you are looking for comparables Subject the property after all renovations and additions were completed.

However, the investor comps system is designed to gather comps based on address only.


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