Here is one I need a little extra help on: 2523 Neblett - 3 br 1 ba brick home, fireplace w carport 2300 sq ft. Good condition but Needs Carpet.

Right now the shortsale was being negotiated by a realtor and has them down to $79,000. I think we can do better and I use a private lender who lends very conservatively so I think I need to get the property in the 60k range.

Thank you


Given the sale at 2211 Amboy, which was definitely an investor sale, note the seller was a person adminstering a Trust of some kind. We think the dwelling had a prior foreclosure.

Then there is 2215 Amboy where the was from an probate estate. the market is aged and in decline.

The 79k is still high, but we think you bottom out 70k given the data. You can play up the repairs some, but your 60k is low. If being higher doesn't work for your private money lender, try the water with the lender and then be ready to move.

Nice part is, your ARV is most likely 99.8-103.4k. Wholesaling at 80% could still produce a profit based on your numbers.


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