Hi Support Team,

The homeowner of the following:

5514 NE 10th St

Renton, WA 98059

needs to sell his house ASAP. He didn't give me an asking price (I think he really doesn't know what he wants). The uniqueness situation about this house is that there are 3 enterances to this house. One enters into the "studio" which currently is rented out. The second entrance opens to the "main" part of the house which is rented out. The third entrance opens to the "basement" which is occupied via the owner.

The owner loves the house, but must move out of town to care for his Dad. He likes it so much that he wouln't mind to continue to rent out basement with new owner. Just to keep his place and visit and keep his things?

How do I know this is a good deal, he wants me to just make offer. What could I do with this? He says the tenants are great and it would be ashame to make them move out.

Please advise.

This could be a great cash cow for you. I would look at the current leases of the 2 tenants to see when they expire. Values in the immediate area ranges from $415k-$527K. Looks like there is a 1st mtg on the property for $462K. Maybe feel him out and offer $400K and see what happens from
there. I have also sent you the report I pulled in a separate email. Good Luck!