Q1 - I want to bypass having to physically go to the subj2 seller and sign documents. What is the procedure of mailing all the subj2 and trust documents to the seller, have them sign everything and return it? A. Prepare the paperwork that is on the checklist and then overnight or

mail the items that m,ust be signed by the seller to them. Give them an envelope so that they can return after signing.

Q2 - Is there a way to get around getting the documents notarized and me not being there? A. They can get their signature notarized at a Kroger or local bank.

Q3 - What is getting the deed? Is it controling the deed thru lou\'s checklist on page 148 of Land Trust manual; actually getting the deed paperwork; or what? A. Getting the deed is when the seller actually transfers ownership from them to you or something you control like a trust. They will

actually sign a deed that shows the transfer to the trust. It is not technically official until that new deed is filed at the local courthouse.

Q4 - I would like to get control of the subj 2 property before I decide to finish the paperwork (I want to be a cowboy when I grow up like Tim). At what point (document or process) in the signing is there a point of no return (changing my mind in case it is a bad investment)? A. Technically never but you should be a man of your word. When the deed is filed it is now public knowledge. Until then it is just a contract between you and the seller.